If you could create an episode of Extreme Makeover: Business Analytics Edition, it would likely give organizations a group of people (arriving with balloons and cheering, of course) that delivered a platform of better visibility into data and quicker time to develop business insights.

After all, companies today have more data than ever before than they know what to do with — and it’s as complex as ever. Couple this with the fact that users are in dire need of support to make important decisions, and that their window to make these said decisions is shrinking faster than ever.

Thankfully, companies with a hybrid or cloud approach to their analytics, as opposed exclusively on-premise, are seeing substantial improvements in key metrics across the board. In fact, 83% of cloud analytics users tell Aberdeen Group that they’ve seen improvement in data visibility, leading to faster decisions.

Here are three areas in which businesses see substantial improvements after deploying a hybrid analytics approach.

1 – Better user satisfaction

Cloud users are are more likely to leave satisfied when it comes to their data in key areas including data quality, accessibility, and speed of delivery.

2 – Happy business, happier customers

Not only are internal users happier transforming their data into powerful insights — the greater their ability to do this, the better prepared companies are to meet the discerning demands of their customers. Better targeting and feature alignment, along with effective sales strategy, all contribute to customers for life.

3 – A healthy, growing business

Arguably most important out of the three benefits lies in the bottom line for companies invested in cloud analytics: These organizations tell Aberdeen that they’re delivering greater operational efficiency and overall revenue growth.

The proof in these benefits is in the numbers:


While not every company is necessarily suited for cloud or hybrid analytics, it’s clear that the flexibility, cost savings, and customer and user euphoria incited by this approach has become an enticing carrot for more companies today.

For more information, check out the related (and free!) Aberdeen content, Leaving the Premises: Three Gifts of Cloud or Hybrid Analytics, and the research report, The Hybrid Data Warehouse: Fluid, Flexible, and Formidable.

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