While going to the library was all the rage in the 80s in order to get the information you needed for that book report, you wouldn’t even fathom this as a first resort now with the Internet at your fingertips.

Sure, the volumes and volumes of Encyclopedia Britannicas gave you all the information you could handle, but research and actually pouring over that data would take hours — even days — of wading through pages to find just the right nugget to fit your analysis.

Fast-forward to now: Many businesses find themselves in a virtual “library” being flooded by siloed and disconnected data. The difference is that, unlike that physical library where there would be no way to instantly find what you need and have it analyzed in-place, trends like big data analytics (and of course, our trusty friend, the Internet!) have made this a reality.

In fact, these platforms can quickly point out how your business is performing, where all of your problems are arising, and what’s needed to improve.

The challenge just lies in actually implementing a platform like this that is effective, fast, and complete. Enter: Data Lakes.

In a live webinar on July 12th at 1 PM EDT, Aberdeen’s Senior IT Research Analyst Jim Rapoza will show you that by leveraging innovative data lake technologies, organizations can more quickly and effectively take advantage of technology such as Hadoop to build powerful, agile, and insightful analytics platforms…and turn the tide on data floods.

In the session, How Data Lakes Can Make Enterprise Analytics Fast, Easy, & Crystal Clear, attendees will learn:

  • How big data, Hadoop, and in-place analytics are both benefitting and challenging modern IT departments
  • The effect data lakes have on building vital enterprise analytics platforms
  • The strategies that leading businesses are following to leverage data lakes and improve their analytics capabilities.
  • Benefits and key steps to building faster and deeper business insights, increased data management, and reduced complexity with enterprise-grade analytics

Have questions? Come prepared — there will also be a live Q&A. But we know things come up — register anyways in the event you can’t make this live, as we’ll send you a link to the on-demand recording.

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