Twitter’s stock has been on a steep decline for the last several months. In February, CNN Money reported that Twitter lost 2 million users in the final quarter of 2015, and “shares plummeted as much as 12% in after-hours trading.”

This week, Twitter’s stock dropped nearly 20%, according to Time, after underwhelming quarterly earnings were prematurely leaked. Alex Fitzpatrick of Time reports:

Twitter’s first quarter revenue was $436 million, up 74% year-over-year but widely missing analysts’ estimates of $457 million. The company posted a first quarter loss of $162 million, compared to a $132 million loss a year ago. Twitter also trimmed its second quarter and full-year revenue estimates to ranges below analysts’ expectations.

Twitter’s alarming customer attrition and disappointing Q1 earnings have spurred rumors that the social media company is a target for a buyout. However, Twitter’s CFO, Anthony Noto, has other ideas to improve the company’s performance. On Tuesday, Business Insider reported that during Twitter’s Q1 conference call, Noto expressed the desire to spend the company’s remaining $3.5 billion on “game-changing” acquisitions. He stated:

The fact that we have the amount of cash on the balance sheet, over $3.5 billion, leaves us with the strategic optionality [sic.] to look for those assets that are game changing.

The target of Noto’s search: ad tech companies. Twitter already possesses some ad-tech stock, but Noto aims to increase their holdings. Noto isn’t just looking towards of consumer-capture devices, either. He also stated that he’s focused on “other opportunities that have scaled audiences to leverage our great monetization vehicle.”

Noto concluded, “At the end of the day, our goal is to be a one-stop shop for advertising.”

Will Noto’s ambitious plans initiate a new era of success for the company, or has Twitter’s waning popularity and plummeting stock gone too far to recover from? Share your thoughts in the comments below.