Happy National Customer Service Week, everyone! In honor of this whole week dedicated to delighting customers and improving customer experience, I wanted to highlight recent Aberdeen Group research reports on the topic. All are available at no charge with a free Aberdeen membership.

1. Social Customer Care: Steps to Success in 2014

Social media has drastically transformed the modern-day customer experience management (CEM) programs. Findings in this report outline the characteristics of firms that reap maximum results from social customer care, and provide a roadmap for others to improve their performance. Highlights include:

  • The adoption of social customer care grew more than four-fold between 2010 and 2014.
  • Contact centers not using social media experience an annual decrease in revenue per customer contact.
  • Best-in-Class firms provide agents with the ability to manage social conversations through a single screen.
  • Top performers are 53% more likely than All Others to use single sign-on to access multiple applications via the agent desktop.

2.  Streamlining the Agent Experience Reduces Unnecessary Costs

This report outlines best practices in empowering agents with the right processes and technology tools. The findings will depict the impact of these best practices in maximizing agent productivity and improving customer experience. Highlights include:

  • Due to the lack of effective technology tools, 14% of agent time is spent looking for information.
  • Integrating the contact center within omni-channel programs helps companies reduce unnecessary costs.
  • Technologies used to help ensure consistency in messages delivered by contact center employees include screen capture and sharing, database management, desktop analytics, and unified agent desktop.

3. Customer Experience Management in Financial Services: The 2014 State of the Market

Financial services firms are under constant pressure to balance industry regulations such as PCI-DSS with efforts to maximize customer experiences. Aberdeen’s research shows that between 2012 and 2013, these firms have enjoyed substantial improvements in customer satisfaction rates but weren’t able to translate this improvement into financial results. This report outlines changes in financial firms’ performance between 2013 and 2014 in meeting and exceeding customer expectations while ensuring compliance with relevant regulatory requirements. Highlights include:

  • Financial firms experience worsening client retention rates.
  • An average financial institution uses eight channels to interact with clients.
  • Best-in-Class firms are more than twice as likely as financial firms to provide employees with social collaboration capabilities.
  • Financial firms are more likely than even the Best-in-Class to have a social compliance policy in place.


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