It’s hard to resist the conclusion that content marketing has become synonyms with nurture marketing. A few stats from my research point to the reason why:

  • 85% of companies surveyed are using content marketing; 19% have a “robust” strategy
  • 62% of companies surveyed say demand generation or customer acquisition are the primary objectives for content marketing
  • A move to nurture marketing is a top driver of content marketing for 49% of companies – the most-cited “pressure” in the study

Based on these stats alone, the case is open and shut. But while most, if not all, nurture marketing is content marketing, content marketing is more. It’s also inbound marketing, powered by search engine optimization (SEO). It could also be driven by paid advertising, often called native advertising, and getting us into the realm of paid inbound. In my forthcoming content marketing research, I define the practice as:

The use of media to entertain, educate, or otherwise engage prospects and customers to generate a value-added interaction for branding, retention, and/or customer acquisition.

To my mind, the operative phrase here is “value-added interaction.” Content marketing is more than a bunch of assets, whitepapers, infographics, videos, and whatever else, used in your next email or PPC landing page, it’s a philosophy of marketing that says marketing must do more than communicate a customer value proposition, it should be part of the value we create for customers through information, education, and/or entertainment.

Please contact me if you have a great content marketing success story to share, or if you’d like to receive a copy of my upcoming content marketing reports.

While content marketing and nurture marketing are not synonymous, they can both beneft from similar tactics, even ones that might seem incongruous. For example, SEO implementation can greatly enhance a content marketing campaign’s reach. Learn how by reading our report “SEO Management in the Age of Content Marketing: Don’t Call it a Comeback.”

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