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Not too long ago, if your cable or major appliance repair person showed up to your house within a 12-hour window, you would have thanked them for showing up at all.

Our expectation, as customers, was that we were at the mercy of the service organization’s resources and availability. We were happy just to see that white van or utility truck roll up to our house, even if we had lost an entire day’s productivity, had to call in sick to work, and didn’t actually have the issue resolved.

Even typing that hypothetical makes me sad!

In 2016, service organizations like the one described above are on their way out. Competition, customer empowerment, and the consumerization of traditionally B2B environments has changed the rules of engagement. Customers demand that service teams show up on our schedule, not the other way around.

Service organizations have had to invest in technology to support their migration from a reactive to a proactive service model. And Chief Servicer Officers (CSOs) are beginning to track “soft” metrics such as NPS (Net Promoter Score), customer effort, and employee engagement.

Early findings from my current surveyField Service 2016: Strengthen the Team and Bond with Your Customers – show that a top pressure facing service leaders is the need to improve customer engagement. Just a few years ago, this concern wouldn’t have even made the Top 10. The service world is indeed changing.

Field Service USA: Will I see you there?

I can’t wait until later this month when I attend WBR’s Field Service USA (April 25 -28, 2016). Looking at the agenda, the number of session titles featuring the word “customer” highlights the growing wave of customer-centricity in the field.

And these sessions aren’t simply keynotes by companies like Apple, Uber, or Disney. They are being led by traditional service companies in industries like manufacturing, HVAC, and telecommunications.

If you will be on site, please track me down. I would love to chat with you about field service. If you won’t be there, feel free to join the community through my latest survey; I will be making the findings available in early May, and I am sure they will cover the many ways that Best-in-Class companies are working to improve the customer experience. You won’t want to miss it!

Image Source (Creative Commons) FaceMePLS.

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