Marketers from across the Boston area joined the AMA Boston Chapter last night for an exclusive event featuring a panel of industry leaders to discuss the new imperative for marketers to optimize and manage the full customer journey as a strategic advantage. The panel featured marketing leaders from Google, Racepoint Global, and Mintigo and was moderated by Aberdeen Research Director, Omer Minkara.

IMG_5610Omer kicked off the evening’s panel discussion by reviewing Best-in-Class insights on how to better manage the customer journey and the common challenges facing modern marketers. The business benefits of journey management are astounding:

  • Improvement in return on marketing investments (ROMI) + 24.5%
  • Improvement (decrease) in customer service costs + 21.2%
  • Improvement (decrease) in average sales cycle +16.8%

When executing a journey management program marketers need to utilize the data they have on hand effectively in order to successfully orchestrate different journeys  – all while bridging the gap between customers and shareholders (no easy feat!).

IMG_5611Omer explained that establishing and nurturing a holistic view of the customer journey is one of the most important objectives for the modern CMO –  a whopping 81% of CMO’s are concerned with retaining existing customers. Data shows that 96% of marketers are not fully satisfied with their ability to use existing customer data as part of their omni-channel interactions.

What’s one of the biggest challenges marketers face? 33% of marketers say understanding the buyer’s journey & how content is relevant to prospects as they begin their journey.

What are you doing to put your marketing strategy into focus? Here are  top panelist insights that will help you manage your customer journey, expand product use and create brand advocates!

  1. “Any good marketing campaign has to be informed by data” –  Peter Prodromou of RacePoint IMG_5616 (1)Global
  2. “We are seeing the tipping point of marketing & it’s driven by the new generation of marketers – millennials” – Tal Segalov of Mintigo
  3. “If you don’t have a mobile marketing plan, you’re doomed,” – Brian Cusack of Google
  4. “Marketers need to be change managers in an organization to break down walls & transmit messages to achieve C-level buy-in,” Peter Prodromou
  5. “See. Think. Do. Care,” – Brian Cusack
  6. “Marketers need to make data actionable & simplified” – Tal Segalov
  7. “The consumer is always a step ahead of the marketer. Identify the shift in consumer behavior by listening,” – Brain Cusack

Are you part of the 33% of marketers that say understanding the buyer’s journey is a top priority? Luckily for you, there’s a webinar for that. Reserve your spot.

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