Earlier this month, I attended WBR’s Field Service East held in Atlanta. As to be expected, this was another great collection of service leaders. Over the course of three days, there was a lot of discussion which was not too dissimilar from field service events of the past. And this isn’t a slight, as topics like scheduling, mobility, and workforce productivity are STILL integral to the success of service. But a few topics jumped out as different or as something that would be discussed at an event like that other somewhat big conference held in San Francisco in September. To give you a flavor of some of these intriguing topics of discussion, here are a few tweets, quotes, and takeaways:

  • Service organizations need to ‘earn’ the right for a deeper conversation with customers. Customers have options, and field service must deliver value not just reactive service.
  • “Hearing the voice of the customer is actually helping us change the field service tech’s behavior” @directv #FSeast #csat #engaged #techs (@pinderjr)
  • Technicians must own the problem. Can’t have techs that pass the buck on to the previous service worker. Customers don’t care. They want the right answer and resolution, not excuses.
  • “Building service w/ our customers in mind, opposed to telling them what they want / need. we work with them” @ComfortUSA Systems #FSeast (@pinderjr)
  • Incentive program created for technicians to foster an environment where techs get rewarded for new ideas that actually end up being implemented.
  • Ask techs what they are seeing, feeling, and hearing. These are the eyes, ears, and touchpoint which is closest to your customers (and equipment in the field).
  • Techs are brand ambassadors. If they deliver value, sales will follow.
  • Start with the customer, and then build technology infrastructure to support the relationship you desire / need.
  • Improved work / life balance of the tech = improved customer satisfaction

The customer, brand ambassador, and engagement are all concepts that don’t often make headlines in field service. But this is a new age, and service leadership is investing in the technology tools to support a field service team which can execute on this (new) promise. I look forward to future events and to further discussions on these concepts. If you attended FS East and found other themes interesting, please comment or tweet.

Aly Pinder Jr
Senior Research Analyst
Service Management
aly.pinder@aberdeen.com or @pinderjr

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