What makes a great service experience?

Is it whether or not the technician showed up on time? Is it whether or not the issue was resolved? Or, do you care if the technician smiled and told a few jokes?

The future of service demands all of the above. Customers have more power than ever before, and technicians are expected to show up on time (within a shorter window), resolve the issue on the first visit, and interact with the customer on a personal level.

This multi-layered profile of the emerging field technician demands a new way of thinking about field service – from hiring, to training, to investments in technology. As seen in Aberdeen Group’s report, Field Service 2016: Strengthen the Team, Bond with Your Customers (June 2016), the Best-in-Class focus on creating a new breed of technician who can do it all with the help of technology and improved workforce management.

The Best-in-Class don’t just hope that their technicians are getting better. As you can see, they actively work to ensure continual improvement amongst field service staff.


This level of investment in the technician highlights the importance that the Best-in-Class place on field service and their understanding of the impact that the field service experience has on customer satisfaction and retention. (Note: In our study, the Best-in-Class boasted a mean customer satisfaction rate of 92%!)

Field service today has to go above and beyond the status quo and the SLA. To learn more about all the ways that the Best-in-Class work to turn the field team into customer partners, read the full report HERE.

Image Source (Creative Commons): Leo Leung.

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