In an Aberdeen Group survey to over 550 B2B organizations, 95 percent of the respondents cited email as an integral channel for marketing communications. In an email marketing-specific survey to 186 B2C organizations, Aberdeen found that 78 percent of all marketers value email for active strategic or tactical purposes. The point? Email is where B2B and B2C marketing efforts most commonly comingle and compete.

While the buyers at businesses are, in some regards, entirely different animals than straight-forward consumers, there are some common truths and best practices that top-performing email marketers adhere to, in both spheres. There are also vital distinctions and environmental elements specific to B2B and B2C marketing that must be understood to achieve strong performance.

Some best practices are interchangeable between the two environments, some are exclusive, and some best practices may even be unique to your organization. With a wide-reaching understanding, you can explore and master the ins and outs of email marketing, on your terms. 



Process yields power, and B2B marketers have a solid model B2C email marketers can follow:

  • Sixty-three percent of B2B email marketers have processes that segment marketing efforts to serve specific industries, regions, topics, or verticals. (Most B2B email marketers avoid the worst practice: unsegmented “batch and blast” email campaigns.)
  • Fifty-nine percent of B2B email marketers are able to distill “formulas for success” that can duplicate the results of effective campaigns, or communications. (Think “test and optimize,” vs. “try anything to see what sticks.”)
  • Seventy percent of B2B email marketers are able to identify the most profitable customers, buyer profiles, or accounts in their networks. (This maximizes the value of outreach while minimizing wasted efforts.)

Quality is critical for B2C email marketing. B2C email-prioritizing marketers see an 89% higher contribution to revenue (46% vs. 24%), an email open rate that’s 167% higher (11.6% vs. 4.4%), and a click-through rate that’s 2.3 times higher (9.2% 2.8%),  compared to organizations lacking such prioritization. Effective B2C email marketers know what it takes to “do” email well.

The State of Email Marketing - Infographic by Campaign Monitor

Source: The State of Email Marketing by Campaign Monitor



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