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Between marketing and sales, which team should have more authority? Marketing? Sales? Or, is this a silly question like, “Which wheel is better on a unicycle?”

Silly or not, marketing and sales are two departments notorious for butting heads, particularly in B2B.

Sales Frustrates Marketing

Marketers struggle day-in and day-out to generate quality leads (among other things), and everything (supposedly) falls apart once those leads get passed to the sales team.

Marketing Oversteps with Sales

Sales teams crank out calls, emails, and meetings that pull in real revenue. Marketing hasn’t done anything (at least that sales has noticed) since launching a new website three years ago! Now they have the nerve to tell sales what’s best practice and what’s not? The nerve!

The Blame Game

Who’s to blame for all of marketing’s problems? Sales!

Who’s to blame for all of sales’ problems? Marketing!

(Of course, this is what you get when you don’t have agreement on KPIs or alignment on objectives.)

End Gridlock!

Most organizations dream of marketing and sales operating together as two specialized parts of the same revenue-driving machine. But how many organizations are actually living this dream?

Aberdeen Group’s new Marketing & Sales research survey – Understanding the Shared State of Marketing & Sales Effectiveness – aims to figure that out.

Through this survey, we will study the marketing/sales dynamic from three different angles: from the POV of marketing; from the POV of sales; and from the point of view of business leaders that need both teams to work together as effectively and efficiently as possible.

If you’re a marketer, take the survey!

If you’re a sales exec, take the survey!

If you think marketing and sales should be on the same team and want to share your thoughts with the world, take the survey!

If you’re in marketing or sales, and you have a pulse, take the survey!

Future Generations are Counting on You!

The research generated from this survey will help shape the relationship between marketing and sales into the future.

It will provide a road map for both marketing and sales leaders, allowing them to optimize their respective functions while supporting fruitful and forward-thinking marketing and sales collaboration.

So, if you want to end the counter-productive gridlock between marketing and sales, you guessed it, take the survey!

Image Source (Creative Commons): Brett Jordan.

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