Note: After posting this, the folks at LogMeIn reached out to us with the following, “Rescue is our product that provides remote support capabilities, not BoldChat.” This post has been updated to reflect that. – Editor.

On July 26, 2016, LogMeIn and Citrix announced that the former will be merging with the latter’s GoTo business. This news comes during a year when the customer experience space has seen a revival of investment.

Overall, the combined capabilities should provide buyers with a wide array of business communication capabilities designed to improve worker productivity and deliver omni-channel experiences.

Will buyers really benefit?

The answer to the above question hinges on how the combined entity utilizes the synergies between the relevant product sets. The GoTo family of products enables employees to communicate with each other and customers using different media. It also provides the ability for employees to deliver remote customer support and engage in activities such as screen-sharing and co-browsing.

LogMeIn, for its part, provides some similar capabilities through its Rescue product, whereby users can deliver remote support through multiple channels. LogMeIn also has products such as join.me that are comparable to Citrix’s GoToMeeting and OpenVoice offerings.

Keys to success

Given these similarities, it is imperative that the new entity carefully map the unique aspects of all related products in order to identify and capitalize on the most promising synergies. This will be one of the main determinants of the merger’s ultimate success.

Yet another determinant of success for this merger is how well the combined entity manages its customer base, which both companies have tended to draw from the small and mid-sized segment. Part of the challenge here will be adopting a coordinated approach to the pricing of newly combined product set.

Internet of Things

One intriguing product that LogMeIn brings to this merger is Xively, it’s internet of things (IoT) offering. While we’re still very much in the early days of IoT serving as a crucial part of customer experience programs, the field is developing rapidly. Indeed, there are already countless examples of how IoT technology helps organizations deliver a better customer experience, improve organizational productivity, reduce unnecessary downtime, and, ultimately, grow revenue.

Focusing on the successful growth of Xively and its integration with the GoTo product family will also determine how well this merger unlocks future business opportunities for the new entity.

To sum it up, if the new entity manages to check all the boxes we described above, then we can expect to call this merger a success. Synchronizing the product capabilities and streamlining the pricing structure should be the first order of business. Success in this area will be a strong indicator of what’s to come.

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Image Source (Creative Commons): Waldemar Merger

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