The customer / company relationships stand in the midst of the mobile revolution. The growing consumer adoption and use of mobile devices means that customers are increasingly incorporating mobile as part of their interactions with businesses. In fact, a recent study done in conjunction with Google Shopper Marketing Agency Council and M/A/R/C research shows that one out of three consumers use mobile devices to find information, instead of asking store employees. Furthermore, according to data by StatCounter, 20% of all website visits originate through mobile devices as of 2013.

On February of 2014, I published the benchmark report on Mobile Customer Care: It’s More than Hype. This report sheds light on how the use of mobile devices and interaction mediums (e.g. SMS, mobile website and applications) are re-shaping customer / company relationships.

Findings from my related Omni-Channel Customer Care: Empowered Customers Demand a Seamless Experience research shows that one out of two organizations currently have a mobile customer care program in place. Businesses participating in our research on the topic anticipate adoption of mobile customer care programs to rise to 69% over the next several months / mid-2014.

One of the important analyses delivered through this new research is defining mobile customer care. Specifically, breaking it down into two primary areas:

1. Goal: There are two main objectives related to use of mobile customer care;

  1. Empowering agents with mobile devices
  2. Providing customers with the ability to solve their needs through mobile modalities such as SMS, mobile website and mobile applications.

2. Strategy: Once companies determine the objectives they want to accomplish through mobile customer care, they then design a specific strategy.

  1. If the objective is to empower agents with mobile devices, they then work on integrating data flows and establishing system integrations with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Optimizing the user experience of these devices is also important. The results of these efforts ensure that agents and supervisors can seamlessly do their job through mobile devices.
  2. If the objective is to expand the customer interaction channel-mix with mobile modalities such as mobile website and applications, then companies would focus on integrating these modalities within the current omni-channel interactions. This is done by ensuring seamless flow of data across all channels of interaction and providing agents a unified view of this information through the agent desktop. These activities help companies improve the consistency of the customer messages delivered across multiple channels.

Our recent research on the topic focuses on the latter of both goals and strategies; highlighting how companies maximize the customer experience results by successful integration of mobile modalities within the omni-channel mix. (We will however, also be publishing additional research on use of mobile devices to empower the contact center agents and supervisors.)

Through in-depth analysis, we found that companies seamlessly incorporating mobile modalities within the customer care channel-mix enjoy far better results in the following key measures, as compared to those without a mobile strategy:

  • Agent productivity
  • Agent utilization
  • Number of transfers during each interaction
  • Compliance with service-level agreements (SLAs)

There is a leading group of firms, named Best-in-Class, who achieve far superior outcomes across the above metrics, as well as others such as customer retention rates. These firms share common characteristics; they focus on using certain activities and technology tools far more widely to support their mobile strategy, compared to their lower performing counterparts.

Read our report on the topic to learn about these building blocks that help the Best-in-Class firms maximize their results in mobile customer care.

Omer Minkara

Senior Research Analyst

Contact Center & Customer Experience Management

Twitter: @omer_aberdeen

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