The short answer is yes. It should. Let me tell you why. Cloud technology is the new standard on the scene these days, but making the transition can also be a bit of a challenge for small to mid-sized contact centers. While the technical change-over can be daunting, SMBs need to focus on the positives.

The table below showcases the top objectives SMB (250 seats or less) and mid-sized contact centers (50 – 250 seats) identified that drive customer care activity.

Table I: Mid-size Firms Focus more on Enhancing Agent Productivity and Add Flexibility to Handle Omni-Channel Needs

Top Goals/Objectives
SMB Contact Centers Mid-size Contact Centers

Improve customer experience results and consistency

85% 90%

Improve visibility into agent performance and overall contact center processes



Reduce time to support new technologies or channels



Improve annual company revenue and cross / up-sell effectiveness 72%


The elements in the first and fourth rows reflect the overlap in primary objectives between SMBs and mid-sized contact centers. Both of these goals – improving customer experience and consistency, and improving annual company revenue are positively influenced through effective use of cloud technology. The ability to address changing customer traffic levels across different channels is a daunting task for today’s multi-channel contact centers as it requires accurate forecasting of inbound and outbound traffic, and adjusting activities accordingly. When customer traffic increases more than usual, use of a cloud-based contact center infrastructure helps companies easily assign more agents by creating additional user licenses to access contact center applications. Similarly, when customer traffic is below average companies have the ability to reduce the number of licenses they use -hence the customer service costs.

It’s important to note that the above table also shows that  mid-size contact centers have unique needs that relate directly to how to enhance agent productivity and performance as well as become more flexible in addressing the growing use of digital channels in the contact center.

I wanted to invite you to an upcoming webinar titled Sticky Business: Is Your Mid-Size Contact Center Ready for the Cloud? on December 9th at 1pm EST I’ll be hosting with Max Ball, product marketing manager at 8×8 discussing how mid-size contact centers achieve all these objectives outlined in Table 1 above, by utilizing the capabilities provided through cloud technology.

If you can’t make the webinar, but will still like to receive the recording and follow-up documentation, take a moment to register and we’ll be sure to email you a copy and a link.

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