Self-service is becoming the new customer service. Companies are putting FAQs and portals together to empower the customer with information on their own timetable.

It is imperative, however, that service leaders and manufacturers not focus on self-service primarily as a cost reduction measure, but instead think of it as an opportunity for the customer to begin owning a portion of their own experience.

This convergence between customer empowerment and self-service is being fueled by the Internet of Things (IoT) for the Best-in-Class. These top performers have tapped into the real-time intelligence coming off smart, connected machines to drive self-service insights for the customer.

As seen in Aberdeen Group’s report, Field Service, Self-Service, and the Internet of Things (June 2016), 55% of the Best-in-Class have a customer portal in place to enable self-service, and these portals are being used to trigger service events, aid in scheduling based on customer preferences, and help in training for improved customer performance.

Self-service is just part of the equation. The Best-in-Class, as you can see below, are leveraging the IoT almost as much for innovation and product development, and even more aggressively to uncover new service offerings.


In other words, the IoT has the power to connect the customer to their own answers while also ensuring that service organizations can provide customers with a new value. Service doesn’t have to be reactive or simply on the manufacturers timeline; it can be triggered by the customer (or, more incredibly, the device or machine itself).

To learn more about the impact of the IoT on service, read the full report HERE.

Image Source (Creative Commons): Polycart.

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