We’ve discussed before how thinking like a marketer can help you better attract the best talent possible. But if you’re not used to the strategies and tactics that marketers use every day to interact with prospective clients, it can be difficult to imagine how to adapt them to your recruiting efforts. That’s why we’re here! Here are three cues to take from marketers that will also help you in your talent acquisition efforts:

Streamline the Process

B2B marketers in particular work within processes – in order to attract and deliver qualified leads to the sales pipeline, they must first capture prospect interest and their contact information. Often, marketers do this online by offering a piece of informative, useful content in exchange for the reader’s contact information. However, marketers understand that if they make the process too long or difficult to reach that content, or ask for too much information too quickly, they will lose the contact’s interest – and a chance at converting them into a customer.

When it comes to recruiting, take a hint from marketers – keep the process as simple as possible. Unnecessarily long online job applications can dissuade good candidates from completing an application.

Put Your Best Brand Forward

Marketers understand how to tell a good story, and just how important getting your organization’s story right is to building brand loyalty and generating interest in customers and prospects. Recruiters and HR managers need to be able to accurately and compellingly tell their employer brand story so that it excites job candidates. Think about what elements (company culture, benefits, brand mission) that make your company exciting to work for, and highlight it on job boards and your brand pages on social media.

Personalization is Effective

Great marketers are able to understand that each prospect is an individual looking to improve their life in some way, and focus their messaging and marketing efforts to help these individuals identify and solve their problem. They never forget that at the end of the day, each prospect is an individual, and a person. HR needs to remember this as well. Candidates deserve personalized, timely communication. Automated emails are a waste of space and smack of “I couldn’t care less about you.” No response at all is even worse. No matter how busy you are, remember that each application came from a real person hoping to work with you. They deserve respect – and giving it to them can only help your organization.

At the end of the day, thinking like a marketer help you improve the candidate experience, which will help you attract (and land) the best talent. Don’t believe us? See the research for yourself in “Why the Candidate Experience Needs to be a Priority ASAP.”

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