The holiday season is upon us, and it’s one of the most special times to be giving. You might be looking for some ways to bring about good in your workplace and encourage employee giving. Seasonal giving campaigns are in high gear, and one of the best ways for companies to give back is by getting their employees to do so.

Employee giving campaigns are efficient, and they are also effective at increasing employee engagement and retention. In fact, 79% of people prefer to work for a socially responsible company, and 79% of employees think it’s important their companies match their charitable giving. Whether your company already has an amazing employee giving program, or if you are just getting started, here are five ways to increase employee giving this holiday season.

Brands are everything.

We live in a branded world, where logos and messages are more recognizable than ever. Brands align company values with philanthropic and overall social responsibility goals to support giving among employees. It’s important to relate workplace giving programs to the company’s own names, themes, and logos, because it offers choice and increases commitment among employees. Studies show that 80% of employers report that they will incorporate their brand campaigns with their workplace giving programs.

Who does this well? We all love The Walt Disney Company, and they continue to show us why. This holiday season, they are launching their “Share the Joy” campaign. This campaign will collaborate with Feeding America, involve participation in Family Volunteer Day, and continue their commitment in donating to Toys for Tots. This campaign embodies the Disney brand and relates back to their CSR goals and values.

People “like” to share what they give.

In a survey by charities.org, 30% of respondents said they allow their employees to post videos or testimonials supporting charities as a part of their employee giving program. Additionally, more than half of those respondents report that they are going to be incorporating more social tools when participating in giving activities. Allowing employees to share the causes they care about helps keep the campaign fresh and vibrant, as well as increase the chances of employee participation.

Who does this well? The Walmart Foundation is great at it’s social sharing and incorporates social tools within their employee giving programs. The foundation has it’s own twitter handle, @walmartgiving, and uses this channel to show off their amazing employees giving back nationwide. Last holiday season, the Walmart Foundation gave back to food pantries, delivered nutritional meals to seniors, provided people with access to the food they needed, and so much more! All of these charitable actions can be found on social channels.

Millennials arrive.

Younger workers are taking over the workplace with different expectations of their employers. In fact, 80% of managers said that half or more of their workforce are Millennials. With the explosion of the younger workforce, there are bound to be changes in expectations. For example, 61% of Millennials would prefer to work for a company that offers volunteering opportunities. Younger workers want their giving experiences to be engaging and empowering, so it’s important to make sure your employee giving program is attractive to these Millennial employees.

How can you do this? Give your employees options. With 58% of Millennials willing to take a pay cut to work for an organization with “values like my own,” it’s important to offer a few different avenues in which your employees can give back. Try implementing a corporate philanthropy software that allows your employee to customize how they give this holiday season. For example, CyberGrants allows companies to offer their employees an easy-to-use interface in which they can pick and sign up for events, or simply enroll in a matching gifts program for a cause of their choice.

High impact, low cost.

Technology is making employee giving and volunteering easier and quicker. Both employers and employees are looking for more efficient ways to be able to give this holiday season. While technology adds a large amount of value in the giving process, 85% of respondents say a top challenge of theirs is administering their campaign. Something that doesn’t require a lot of time and is easy to use will help increase employee engagement.

How can you do this? It’s important to balance high-impact, personalized activities with low-cost technology. As mentioned above, a corporate philanthropy software can help you engage your employees this holiday season. Use your corporate philanthropy software to pick out an organization or cause you would like to give to. Give employees the choice to either donate their money, or their time. This way, they can have a choice in how they give back, whether it be one or both!

One-stop shop.

It’s important to infuse vitality into campaigns that engage employees and let them share why they enjoy giving with their peers. The best way to have an effective CSR program is to have a one-stop shop platform. This refers to one overall strategy and platform, where you cover giving, volunteerism, engagement, and skills-based, pro-bono contributions. It’s outdated to have these efforts spread out over the company and not coordinated.

How can you fix this? While it is very important to give during the holiday season, try to implement a year-round giving program. It gives your employees the chance to give back to the community year round, and offers the stability of a corporate philanthropy program.

Overall, you don’t have to be a large company like Disney or Walmart to be able to give back this holiday season. Try to find ways to engage your employees and encourage participation through CSR initiatives. Not to mention, CSR programs have the potential to increase revenue by up to 20%, so what are you waiting for?


Liz Bardetti is a seasoned advertising and marketing professional with over 15 years of experience, including work for Gatorade, Welch’s, and most recently, CyberGrants. CyberGrants is the preferred CSR software provider to the best philanthropic corporations around the globe. Their clients represent over 50% of the Fortune 100 and nearly one-third of all corporate giving. In the last twelve months alone, CyberGrants helped 250 customers give $6.5 billion and more than 50 million volunteer hours to over 400,000 non-profit organizations.

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