The benefits to establishing a formal corporate wellness program are enormous for both employer and employee; organizations enjoy reduced healthcare costs, higher employee productivity levels, better employee retention rates, and a superior employer brand, while employees reap the rewards of a healthier lifestyle. However, setting up a formal wellness program can be a daunting task for an HCM professional. Whether you’re looking to get executive buy-in or to raise awareness within your organization, don’t forget to take these steps to make your wellness program as healthy and robust as it can be:

Set Clear Goals for Your Initiative:

Is your organization looking to reduce healthcare costs, improve employer brand, and reduce absenteeism? Wellness programs can impact all of these goals, but a critical first step is to clearly define how you will measure success up front.

Build Awareness Around Your Wellness Initiative:

Whether using a wellness solution provider or initiating an in-house effort, make sure employees are aware of the resources available.

Respect the Individual Choices of Your Employees:

You might think that this initiative is the greatest idea ever, but some employees might not agree. Some people will view a program as a huge added benefit, while others may be less comfortable discussing their goals in a corporate environment. No matter what they choose you must respect each individual’s wishes.

Survey Employees for Program Feedback:

It is important to understand if all of the elements offered are effective and valued by the organization. Make changes to your wellness program as required.

Measure the Top Line and Bottom Line Impact:

Reducing the direct cost of healthcare benefits is one important measure of the success of a wellness initiative, but other measures, such as improved productivity, reduced absenteeism, and improved employer brand perception, are important measures as well.

Wellness programs can be valuable additions to an organization, but the initial set-up can be difficult. Learn how the Best-in-Class have been able to successfully create and maintain their own programs in “Wellness Programs: Look Better, Feel Better, and Save Money” and see what tips you can apply to your own organization today.

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