It’s a vital component to most business practices, but many people don’t think to associate it with human resources: project management. Long considered the bastion of operations departments, project management is actually essential to helping human resources professionals do their jobs well.

Project management methods and tools allow HR to:

  • Visualize time and resources allocated for projects and tasks;
  • Track and manage progress;
  • Identify laggard/failing aspects of the project.

Most project management software tools are geared towards operations, IT, and similar industries and users. However, more and more vendors are recognizing how critical good project management tools can be for managing HR projects and adding HR-specific functionalities.

But if you’re stuck with an older model, you can definitely adapt it to your specific needs. Here’s how:


When planning out a project, you’re identifying which team members you want working on it, and in what capacity. Project management software is great at allocating resources, and allows employees to see what is expected of them, and when their assignments are due.

Cascading workflows allow managers to see where a project is held p, and plan out a solution or workaround keeping the project from falling behind schedule.

Tracking and Management

Additionally, software allows you to keep tabs on multiple aspects of your project’s progress – time tracking, task management, expense tracking, and reporting tools are all standard and useful for handling a project. Furthermore, HR can use the data collected from this management software to inform progress meetings and to establish effectiveness baselines.


Project management software also acts as a repository for documents and resources associated with a process, and also allows team members to more easily work together and communicate, especially if members are in different geographic locations.

Securing budgeting for project management software for human resources can be difficult, but worthwhile in the long run. Now, thanks to additional technological advancements, HR can even further benefit from cloud-based project management applications. Learn more in “Workforce Management Gets a Boost from the Cloud.


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