The Internet of Things (IoT) is a hot word right now — so hot, in fact, that it’s bordering on becoming as worn-out as ‘bae’ and Tamagotchis (R.I.P. sweet, sweet Tamagotchi).

But the technology itself is certainly not worn-out. From smartwatches and Fitbits, to cars, home thermostats and toasters, everything is now connected to the Internet. And while your enterprise users won’t be bringing in personal toasters anytime soon (unless your office is out of a college dorm), they already are bringing their Apple Watches into the workplace, and controlling Internet-enabled technologies from work and their homes.

How does IT manage massive IoT data sets putting new strains and challenges on enterprises? Moreover, how do you visualize these complex datasets so you can actually analyze them? What are the overall implications of IoT technology on not only organizations, but the consumer? 

We’ve put together a complete guide to the Internet of Things covering all angles for IT managers. Unlike the Tamagotchi, IoT is here to stay, despite an over-hyped title to describe its technology.

Aberdeen Research:

Research Report: Real-Time Analytics and the Internet of Things
Smart objects in an Internet of Things (IoT) environment generate massive amounts of data when connected to enterprise networks. This report focuses on those organizations that have invested in streaming data integration and analytics to convert IoT data into actionable insight. 

Flash Forward: Updating IoT Could Change Everything
It’s the rise of the machines in our everyday lives — the IoT is making its presence felt with more gadgets than ever before connected to the Internet. From smartwatches to home automation, our lives are poised more than ever to be subject to change based on the next big release date. 

Data Management for the Internet of Things
The IoT puts the ‘big’ in big data — it is vast, fast-moving, and complex. This report examines the current state of data management, and details the capabilities needed to manage IoT data and maximize value.  

TechPro Features on IoT:

Streaming Analytics and the Internet of Things
What impact is streaming data from the Internet of Things having on organizations? How are companies analyzing this data? 

Your TV is Listening to You, as is Most of the Internet of Things
Big Brother is watching, and in this case, that Big Brother is IoT devices. What actions should users take when those eavesdroppers are Smart TVs, phones, or wearables?

Data Visualization for the Internet of Things
Leading organizations are taking an interactive visualization approach when presenting vast and complex IoT datasets for analysis. 

Apple Watch, Wearables and the Internet of Things’ Potential
Wearables, especially the launch of the Apple Watch, have sparked a renewed excitement around the Internet of Things amongst consumers. 

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