Earlier this week, one of the biggest technology deals of recent years happened when Microsoft announced their acquisition of LinkedIn. Did this announcement elicit cries of wonder, excitement, or even general interest?


Looking at most of the responses from pundits, social media, and technology watchers, the most common responses were either skeptical, scornful, or just straight: “this is boring.”

And why did we see these kinds of responses? Because these two companies are highly focused on providing tools and services for business. And I guess a lot of technology pundits just hate the idea of people using technology to do business.

Think about it. If this had been Apple buying Twitter. Or Apple announcing just about anything. Or a cool company buying virtual reality technology. Or anything that seems neat but doesn’t really have much potential to, you know, make money or help people do things that they actually need to do. Any of the above scenarios would have had the technology pundit class drooling in excitement.

But an announcement that combines the company that controls all the software that organizations use to do business, with the firm that has so much become the way people handle business connections that it has essentially replaced the business card, gets greeted by one big yawn.

Well, that all ends here. Because I think this is a great deal, and has the potential to actually affect the way we all do business.

From a LinkedIn perspective, I don’t think too much will change. In most ways, it will probably stay pretty similar to how it is now. But I do think it will become much easier to connect LinkedIn data to the Microsoft tools we use every day.

So from Outlook and Skype, you’ll be able to directly reach out to and communicate with LinkedIn contacts. Sharepoint will seamlessly integrate with LinkedIn content. And Microsoft CRM tools will leverage LinkedIn to enable better contact and customer management.

Of course, all of this is about making it easier to do business. So sorry if I put some of you to sleep by talking about business.

But don’t worry. Apple just announced that they are changing the name of OS X to macOS. So cool, right?

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