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Podcast: Manufacturing the Internet of Things

Editorial Director Jim Rapoza talks to Aberdeen Senior Research Analyst Aly Pinder and Research Analyst Reid Paquin about their recent and upcoming research into the IoT and how the manufacturing and service sectors have an edge in this increasingly important area of technology.

The Next (and Possibly Last) Generation of Smartphones

We’re in a mobile first world, and smartphones have taken over as the computing platform of choice. But the smartphone shouldn’t get too comfortable, as emerging trends are pointing to a future where the smartphone won’t be a necessary component of mobile computing.

Consumer Passwords Keep Falling, Like Domino’s

What made the headlines in the Domino’s Pizza breach is that the hacker group that took credit for the breach – Rex Mundi demanded a ransom of 30,000 Euros in exchange for not making this information public. This is a new twist on the trend of holding data for ransom.

Future Cars Will Keep an Eye on You and the Road

At the recent Ford Trends conference in Dearborn, MI, one of the sessions described a fascinating effort between Ford and Intel called Mobile Interior Imaging, or Project Mobii. The Mobii project is all about cameras inside the vehicle that are designed to recognize drivers and passengers.

When is an Outage Not an Outage?

The topic of high availability in IT more often than not revolves around ‘super-available hardware and software’, at least according to gurus and vendor claims. However, like the pirates’ treasure map torn in half and separated, this is only half the story.

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