I recently spent the day at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel for Software AG’s Analyst & Media Conference. CEO Karl-Heinz Streibich kicked things off by celebrating the German company’s 42-year history operating in the Americas (the City of New York was customer #3).

He emphatically stated that “providing mission critical software is our DNA” and delivered a presentation supporting the company’s core belief that “differentiation happens in the middleware layer.” I particularly enjoyed Mr. Streibich’s characterization of real-time analytics as driving while looking through the windshield (rather than checking the rear-view mirror) and being able to see around the corner. Aberdeen has produced several reports on the benefits of engaging streaming data:

CTO Dr. Wolfram Jost was next to take the stage. He walked through the core capabilities of Software Ag’s Digital Business Platform: intelligent business operations, agile processing, integration, in-memory data fabric, and transaction processing. Software AG’s Analyst & Media Conference

The platform sits between front office and back office systems and application and Dr. Jost enumerated numerous other functions and capabilities. I was most interested by his comments on the platform’s ability to provide governance. I have written two reports in the past year on the importance of data governance that align with his statements:

CMO Dr. John Bates shared an interesting use case of Software AG as middleware for real-time facial recognition and offer management in supermarkets. Dr. Bates walked the audience through a system that would read a customer’s age, sex, and mood, and then leverage a Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine to instantly make an intelligent offer. For example, a middle-aged male who’s having a bad day would be told that beer is on sale. I imagine the technology in action would look something like this.

The day continued with two panel discussions. The first featured Audi Lucas, Director of Connected Products at Wipro, and Chris Brinton, President and CEO of Mosaic Data Science. Mr. Brinton offered some interesting thoughts on analyzing data from the Internet of Things, such as how the most valuable nuggets of insight often lie in the just 5 – 10% of the total data. Recent Aberdeen research offers best practices for managing and visualizing data from the IoT.

The second panel featured Bryan Zigler, Senior Business Architect at Boeing, Greg James, Director of Enterprise at Outerwall (owner of Redbox and Coinstar), and Mark DuBrock, Global Head of IT Operations for Standard & Poor’s. Click here for Aberdeen’s report on the use of predictive analytics in the financial services industry.

I would like to thank everybody at Software AG for having me and I look forward to following the company’s developments in the coming months.

Read the Aberdeen report Real-Time Executives: Streaming Data into the C-Suite

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